The Hant Variance

    The Hant Variance is a multi channel composition and recording produced with Sabisha Friedberg while in residence at EMPAC in Troy NY.
    The video above was taken at a work in progress showing on April 2nd 2012.
    Recordings will be mixed and mastered at EMPAC this July (2012).
    To be pressed and released by EMPAC and partner distributor TBA.

    The following is an excerpt from the residency proposal.
    Our project is a development of a psychoacoustic piece requiring a custom tuned environment and advanced multi-channel recording techniques. Our focus is upon the physicality of the sound as it relates to the corporeal self within a spatialized architectonic space. Our work aesthetically will focus on minimal sustained tones that have a constancy while interplaying acoustically. The experience is that of an omnipresent sound that shifts almost imperceptibly in the auricular hearing, while shifts and intonations take place as felt by the physical body. A certain hearing disjuncture calls for another form of listening. Our intention is to create a suspended, transporting state of sonic awareness in a form of a recorded composition.


    Custom TouchOSC Interface:



    Sorry, no sound files for this piece.

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