Specter was created as a collaboration with my good friend (and a crazy genius) Chris Scully. It was a commission for the Tang Museum as a sound installation for their series “elevator music” and was funded in part by the New York Foundation for the Arts. It has been displayed at the Tang Museum (Saratoga Springs), Flux Gallery (Long Island City) and the Silent Barn (Brooklyn)

    Specter is a sound sensitive installation. Sounds generated near the orbs cause them to glow at varying hue and intensity. This profoundly impacts how the viewer perceives and appreciates sound. It places a new value on the incidental ambient sounds of the environment and inspires viewers to generate their own sounds. The audience becomes the sound installation.

    Each orb contains a microphone, 3 high power LEDs and analog/digital circuitry for analyzing and processing ambient noise. The frequency of the sound controls the color and the amplitude controls the brightness.


    Sorry, no sound files for this piece.

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