Drone Lab add-ons and modifications

I have posted a few mod ideas on the Drone Lab MOD forum. I will keep updating as time permits.

Drone Pulsing LED

The big feature I’m working on right now is Drone generated light modulation.
I’ve built up some prototypes using 2 oscillators, next i need to experiment with all 4. The image below shows how the over lapping waveforms can be used as an LED modulating PWM signal.

Combining the waves together by various mathematical means gives you a few different kinds of PWM (pulse width modulation) signals. You can use a PWM signal to control the brightness of LEDs.
Adding is convenient because it takes minimal components and you can add several waves together, but the effect is a 50%-100% cycle modulation. In order to get a full LED fade (from full brightness to off) you need a 100%-0% spread.
This can be achieved pretty well with 2 waves through an XOR (exclusive OR) gate.
I’m thinking it might be cool to install a quad 2 input XOR gate IC in the Drone Lab and derive 4 different pulsing LEDs based on the relationship of various oscillators.
The next step after getting the pulsing LEDs is took hook up a series of LDRs (light sensitive resistors) to the filters and distortion and using the pulsing drone to modulate the amount of different effects. I tried it with the band pass filter and it sounds amazing.

I don’t know if any of that makes sense, but there it is. I’ll add schematics and video as soon as it’s available.

Drone Lab modding:

The Drone Lab has been designed to grow. An open source model and on board interfacing hardware invites expansion and creative development. We have made the entire project open source in an effort to encourage others to find ways to add to the design and join the great drone!

We will be adding modules to the Drone family over time and hope to see innovative designs by the Drone Lab building community as well.

Here is the first planned add-on module pictured below. It is a dual voice drone with discrete voice filters and an expanded distortion circuit. This can function as a stand alone unit or as an extra voice for the Drone Lab.
more info will be posted as this project develops.