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Baby Driver

    This is a Vtech Talking Little Smart Baby Driver.
    It has been modified by adding:
    -1/4″ audio output jack
    -Volume adjustment
    -Steering wheel pitch control
    -Guitar strap pegs

    This is a great instrument for live use. I mounted pegs on it so it could be worn with a standard guitar strap.
    I mounted a pitch control potentiometer to the steering wheel which allows you to crank the pitch up and down by turning the wheel. And the pot is a high quality military grade model, so you can crank it without fear of breaking it.

    The toy offers a good variety of sounds from simple tones to melodies to vocal samples.
    Pressing spring loaded red lever up and down makes a revving sound and a backing up beeping.
    The vocal samples are:
    “hello baby”
    “can I help you?”
    “time to go home”
    That’s all the vocal accompaniment you’ll need for a whole live set.


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      baby zimmer said:
      October 28th, 2014 at 4:12am #

      i love it!

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