Finished Pieces

Baby Heads

    casperelectronics Baby Head
    casperelectronics Baby Head

    These pieces were made by ripping the bodies off of talking, stuffed dolls. The circuit housing in many dolls is conveniently mounted to the head. So when you remove the body, you are left with a head on a box. I’ve added pitch controls, 1/4″ output jacks and sound triggering pushbuttons to each head.

    Mr. Baby Head

    casperelectronics Mr. Baby Head

    In this piece I mounted the circuitry from a weird, baby toy (the purple, furry guy pictured above) into the head of another baby toy. The head, in its original form, had a trigger in its mouth that I assume would be pushed by a special bottle that came with the doll. View the baby head circuit here.

    In order to mount the trigger, the original manufacturers made a plastic insert that fits snuggly in the head and is mounted at the neck. After removing the trigger I was able to mount all of the new circuitry onto the empty frame. The power switch is mounted to the head itself and the battery terminal sticks out of a hole in the back. I cut a hole in the mouth and mounted the speaker inside, pointing towards the opening. It sounds like Mr. Baby Head is talking to you! The alien baby circuit produces a variety of “baby” phrases and sings and laughs. When it is glitched, it makes an endless stream of random, modulating tones. The glitch is achieved by drastically raising and lowering the pitch.


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