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Casper Phone

casperelectronics Casper Phone
I made a few of these. They’re portable, simple, easy to use and are fun little gadgets to have around. I took the sound circuits out of several identical dollar store toy phones and mounted them in small project housings with built in battery compartments.

casperelectronics Casper Phone

There are four different phone themed sounds to choose from. Pressing the power switch activates the selected sound. The pitch can be changed from grumbling low to buzzing, crackling high with the large pitch knob. When the pitch is all the way up it causes strange, glitching effects. The fine tune thumb wheel is used at this setting to subtly change the glitches. Getting everything to fit in this small container was a big challenge, but ended up working out well. It’s a rugged little device. Fits nicely in your shirt pocket. Similarly proportioned to cellphones, iPods, and all those other little techno gadgets people carry around. Blend in unnoticed.


  • power switch
  • sound selection rotary switch
  • coarse tune pitch knob
  • fine tune pitch thumb wheel
  • pitch control touch sensors
  • 1/4″ switching output jack


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