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Kevin’s SK1

    casperelectronics Kevin's SK-1


    • 20 point patch bay (black patch points)
    • 2 splitter bays (red patch points) – Each bay has four patch points which are connected together.
      These are used if you wish to plug one point into several others.
    • 4 adjustment knobs with 2 patch points each (green and yellow knobs and patch points) – Each knob is assigned to the two patch points directly above it.
      The knobs and points are color coordinated to clarify which knob is assigned to which points.
    • patch on/off switch (white switch located between the two sets of adjustment patch points on the right) – Flipping this switch ON connects the two
      points directly to it’s left and right (light green and off white). This can be used to turn patches on and off. These two points are also connected to the two adjustment knobs beneath them, so flipping the switch on also connects the two adjustments together allowing you to achieve more complex patches and effects. It may sound confusing, but with a little experimentation, it makes sense.
    • Drum volume adjustment & master pitch adjustment (blue knobs on the front of the SK1) – These are both pretty self explanatory.
    • Timer module and timer input patch points – The timer module is a separate piece with its own power supply (a 9-volt battery).
      The red button turns it on and off and the knob sets the timer speed, which is indicated by the light located in the top right corner of the module.

    casperelectronics Kevin's SK-1


    Sorry, no sound files for this piece.

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      Cole Mccray said:
      December 31st, 2010 at 12:08pm #

      can someone point out where the timer module is implemented into the circuit. thats pretty much the only thing thats not on this stream about the SK1

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