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Crane Box

    casperelectronics Crane Box

    This was one of my first attempts at making a sort of all-in-one, noise set in a box device. It ended up being a little too big and heavy to be the “take anywhere” noise machine I’d hoped, but it can still make a gnarly ruckus.


    • Tape deck with speed control, volume control, mute button and power drop button.
    • Radio Shack 20 second sampler(not pictured) with record button, play button, pitch drop control, volume control.
    • Animal/automobile sounds toy with 8 different sound buttons, pitch control and volume control.
    • Speak & Read with pitch control, volume control, various function buttons (like “ON” and “GO”) and glitch controls.

    casperelectronics Crane Box


    Sorry, no sound files for this piece.

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