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Echo Bender

The Echo Bender is a mix of multi FX pedal and noise maker.
It can process external signals like guitars, keyboards, mics and drum machines or it can create complex sounds on its own.
It can function in several different stand alone modes:

  • Warm analog sounding echo.
  • Highly adjustable distortion.
  • Ring mod style feedback.
  • Complex noise generator.
  • These modes can be used on their own or it can all be mixed together to achieve effects ranging from melodic and dreamy to chaotic and screamy.

    The noise generating capabilities are especially interesting. The echo rate range has been set much lower than the standard echo pedal. When the rate is turned WAY down, the sound breaks up into blipping squeals and screeches. Combine this with distortion and feedback tones and a reverse decay setting and you’ve got a lot of variety and tonal complexity.


    • True bypass switch with power indication LED
    • Echo rate coarse tune
    • Echo rate fine tune
    • Echo decay. Fade from single repeat to reverse decay (echo fades IN)
    • Wet volume
    • Dry volume
    • Feedback


    • 1/4″ audio input.
    • 1/4″ audio output.
    • 9VDC power jack.


    Sorry, no sound files for this piece.

    One Response to “Echo Bender”

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      Syver said:
      May 26th, 2010 at 5:09pm #

      Hello! Love your site. I was wondering if you could give a few tips on what I need to do to plug an external audiosource through something that I’ve circuit bended. For instance, let’s say I’ve bended a toy keytar and instead of using the sounds the buttons play as an audio source, I want to use my guitar, while still maintaining the same control over the same parameters.
      Hope this made sense. I’m from Norway and I’m not used to formulating these things. Also I’m completely and utterly new to circuit bending. Thanks.

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