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Giggle Box

    casperelectronics Giggle Box
    The Giggle Box (aka giggle drive) can be heard on the Fantomas album Suspended Animation. About two years ago Mike Patton told me that he was working on a kids’ record themed album and wanted something that made crazy, creepy kids sounds. The piece pretty much designed itself after that.

    The name describes it pretty well. It’s a box that laughs and giggles. There are 6 different samples that can be played simultaneously. Each has its own volume and pitch settings, play button, power switch and distortion/pitch drop touch plate. View an enlarged diagram here. The effect you get is a chorus of warped chortles, giggles and squeals. It underwent a few major transformations but finally found a home in an old Commodore64 disk drive.

    New Giggle Box

    casperelectronics New Giggle Box

    Old Giggle Box

    casperelectronics Old Giggle Box
    This is the first version of the Giggle Box. It ended up being too cumbersome along with a host of other problems. Eventually I had to ditch it.
    casperelectronics Old Giggle Box


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      stealthop said:
      March 14th, 2013 at 4:57pm #

      sounds like a bad dream i had one time

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