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    On this page you will find the Assembly Manual PDF along with some comments as the document is updated. Feel free to post questions below.

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    -What is the 470pF cap for?

    we have added a 470pf cap to the kit. It is not in the assembly manual but it IS marked on the board. It goes in the middle of the upper half of the board next to a vertical block of .1uF caps. This is to keep high frequency oscillation from occurring in the output mixer.

    -How do I read the value of the potentiometer?

    As of March 2013 we are using a different distributor for potentiometers. The new pots have a blue body and are higher quality than old green bodied ones. Unfortunately they are a little harder to read. The value of the potentiometer is printed on the bottom using the following code.

    10k = B103

    100k = B104

    500k = B504

    This is actually a very common way of marking components. The first letter indicates the taper of the pot. In this case it is a “B” which means the pot is linear taper. The 1st two digits stand for the value of the pot. The 3rd digit is the number of zeros which follow the first 2 digits. For instance “103” means “10” followed by 3 zeros, which is “10,000”. This pot is 10k ohms.


    Sorry, no sound files for this piece.

    3 Responses to “Assembly Manual”

    • 1

      Andy Jones said:
      April 3rd, 2014 at 12:50pm #


      I recently bought a double novadrone kit from you and am having a few problems getting it working, firstly i realised there was no 470pF capacitors in my kit, i don’t know if maybe they got lost coming through customs or you forgot to put them in but they aren’t there, so i was wondering if they are essential pieces?

      As it stands it is showing no signs of life when i try to power it up, and i wondered if this was down to the missing capacitor, or if it was more likely to be something else?

      In the case that some of the components are damaged what is the best way to go about identifying the issue?

      Would greatly appreciate it if you could find the time to reply to this, as i’m feeling pretty lost.

      Many thanks


    • 2

      Andy Jones said:
      April 3rd, 2014 at 1:58pm #

      OK so i got it working… turns out it was a faulty power supply. In your opinion is it still worth trying to get my hands on a 470pF capacitor?



    • 3

      minichester said:
      May 8th, 2014 at 5:16pm #

      Hey Casper!… have there been any cool cases created to house the NovaDrone?

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