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Live S&M

    casperelectronics Speak and Spell: Live S&M

    Click the above pic for an enlarged diagram.

    “Live” edition, modified Speak&Math
    This piece was built for a client who wanted something that could survive the abuse of tour. The actual “bends” on this piece are the same as those found on many “studio” models. Click here to see an enlarged circuit diagram.

    The elements that make this a “live” model are the hardware used and the way it was constructed. Any piece brought on the road is going to be thrown around a lot more than if it was exclusively used in the studio, so I put extra care into ensuring that the wiring is extremely secure. All wiring to the hardware is reinforced with heat shrink tubing, this ensures that there’s no danger of any wires shaking loose.

    casperelectronics Speak and Spell: Live S&M

    Pushbuttons were used whenever possible since these are easier to manipulate in the often animated/frantic live environment. Guitar strap pegs were also added so the user can wear the piece and easily access it while also playing other instruments.

    Wanna check out the user manual? View/Download the PDF »


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