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S & SYB-3

    casperelectronics Speak and Spell: S&SYB-3

    This piece contains a BOSS SYB-3 fx pedal. All of the controls and connection jacks are mounted into the housing of the S&S.

    The SYB-3 is a bass synth pedal. It processes incoming audio signals and generates an accompanying oscillator. The pitch of the oscillator is determined by the frequency of the incoming signal. It also creates filter envelopes based on the volume of the incoming signal. I’ve wired the pedal to automatically process the output of the S&S, but this can be bypassed by patching a new signal into the pedal input jack (the jack has a switch in it that disconnects the S&S signal when a cord is plugged in). This allows the user to use the pedal independent of the S&S.

    casperelectronics Speak and Spell: S&SYB-3

    All of the labeling on this piece is hand etched and filled in with white enamel. The graphics on the faceplate are hand cut vinyl and the labeling on the faceplate was done with scratch on letters.

    casperelectronics Speak and Spell: S&SYB-3


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      SYB-3 jacks & controls:

    1. Main power switch.
    2. On/off pushbutton.
    3. On/off footswitch jack.
    4. Input. The S&S is normally patched to the SYB input. Plugging a cord into this jack disconnects the S&S allowing you to use the SYB as a stand alone FX processor.
    5. Output 1. Processed signal.
    6. Output 2. Clean signal
    7. Speak&Spell jacks:

    8. Output.
    9. “ON” footswitch jack. The pedal functions the same as the “ON” button on the S&S.
    10. Speak&Spell controls:

    11. Volume.
    12. * Long loop switch.
    13. * Loop randomize switch, coarse tune and fine tune knobs.
    14. * Short loop switch, coarse tune, fine tune and momentary loop release pushbutton.
    15. * Glitch pushbutton and two glitch switches.
    16. * Power adjustment.
    17. Power reset pushbutton.
    18. * Power input jack. The S&S and SYB both use the same jack.
    19. Speaker on/off switch. When plugging the S&SYB-3 into an amp, one might want to turn off the S&S’s internal speaker. Although it can be left on for monitoring purposes.
    20. * “ON” hold switch. Throwing this switch is essentially the same as pressing and holding the “ON” button on the S&S faceplate.
    21. Main pitch setting.
    22. * Two sound gate/pitch control pushbuttons, Two pitch adjustments and a sound on/gate switch.
    23. Two tone switches and two tone volume adjustments.
    24. SYB-3 Controls

    25. Volume. Outer knob – clean signal. Inner knob – processed signal.
    26. Filter. Outer knob – resonance. Inner knob – filter cut.
    27. Envelope depth.
    28. Synth mode.

    * More details included in the PDF user manual.
    The footswitches referred to in #’s 3 and 8 are standard keyboard sustain pedals (SPST off/(on) switches).

    Wanna check out the user manual? View/Download the user manual PDF »

    casperelectronics Speak and Spell: S&SYB-3


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    • 1

      Rodrigo Sandoval said:
      November 9th, 2009 at 6:18pm #

      pleeeasssse i need this, do you still have it? do you sell it?
      send over other countries? like mexicooo?

    • 2

      Marco said:
      February 21st, 2015 at 3:52am #

      Hey mate do you sell these?

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