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    casperelectronics Speak and Spell: Speak & Tweak

    To date, this is my favorite Speak&X interface.

    • It’s portable. I left the battery compartment intact.
    • It’s durable. Only high quality, C&K hardware is used.
    • It’s super easy to play. A game controller-like interface makes using this piece an easy and intuitive process.

    We’ve selected special hardware which allowed us to fit many different functions into a small space. Dual pots are used allowing us to fit four knobs into the space of two. All of the switches on this model have three positions, up-on/center-off/down-on(momentary). This means that two
    different functions can be accessed using just one switch. All of the controls are compact and are right at the users’ finger tips. Functions like “ON”, “GO” and power reset are activated by pressing down on the switches. Pressing up activates different glitches. So to create a glitched sound, one need only press down then up on the same switch (down to activate a sound then up to glitch that sound).

    casperelectronics Speak and Spell: Speak & Tweak

    Wanna check out the user manual? View/Download the PDF »


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      Casper Electronics - New Logo « InkDrop said:
      April 8th, 2007 at 7:08pm #

      […] Casper Electronics is a very unique company. This guy takes old electronics, mostly discarded toys, and remakes them into music/sound intruments. This is called circuit bending. Its very interesting, and it producess a unique sound. It reminds me of NIN or new Drum & Bass tracks. Take a look at how its done and visit the site. Some of the finished pieces have sound samples too. My faves are the SPEAK & SPELL pieces. […]

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