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    This model is based on the T4 series with some added features. You can read more about some of the features they share on the T4 page as well as download the T4 manual which explains the features in depth.
    The T5 model has the following added features:
    All features are indentical for both units.
    -ON/Glitch1 (Two position switch. Down is momentary and turns the unit ON. Up is a standard latching setting and activates a glitch effect)
    -Loop adjustment (fade between loops and glitch sounds)
    -Loop randomize switch
    -Loop randomize adjustment
    -Pitch adjustment
    -Volume adjustment
    -Tweak button
    -Tone button
    -Timer circuit
    —Timer switch (up-ON/center-off/down-hold)
    —Rate adjustment
    —Rate indication LED

    The timer works by sending a rhythmic pulse signal to the Speak&X that can be used to trigger two different effects.

    One is that it can send a pulsing ON signal. This can be useful for making endless streams of glitchy noise by flipping a glitch switch and activating the timer.
    The second function is that it can rhythmically activate the “HOLD” feature. This can be very useful for making interesting beats and pulses.


    2 Responses to “T5”

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      Kitsophrenik said:
      February 9th, 2011 at 6:57am #

      Do you have a bending guide/ schematics for this model… Ive finally got hold of a working speak and read so im aching to bend it… Any help would be much appreciated.


    • 2

      casper said:
      April 2nd, 2011 at 1:33pm #

      The Speak&Read layout is identical to the SPeak&Spell. Use any of the bending diagrams available on my “SPeak&Spell bending page”

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