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    casperelectronics toy index

    A few months ago I decided to catalog a bunch of the simple, little toy circuits I had collected.
    I set up a little testing station and started removing the circuits from the toys. As I went, I took notes on the voltage rating, pitch adjustment settings, trigger points and any other details that would aid me in easily adapting these circuits into future projects. Then I numbered each circuit, labeled all the different points on the circuit board, recorded its sounds, stripped it down and filed it away.

    casperelectronics toy index

    The following samples are the sounds I recorded from each circuit. All of them were recorded with a mic, so the sound quality is lacking on some of them, but they still give a good indication of what the circuit does and how the pitch adjustment sounds.


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      LOU said:
      April 7th, 2013 at 3:10pm #

      do you have a tickle me elmo circuit board please let me know


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